Dear Terrence,

I heard today: You’ve been tossed out of alternative school, with your latest offense being the proclamation to a teacher that she could just “f— off.”

It’s time I took the gloves off, so to speak. That’s stupid. That’s simply stupid. Look back over your long, checkered school experience: when has something like that ever made a situation better? When has such behavior ever helped? When has such behavior ever brought about anything but more trouble from a teacher? When as a teacher ever replied along the lines of, “Oh my! I’m so sorry to have offended you. Please forgive me!”? When has such language ever helped get you out of trouble? When has that language ever done anything other than get you into more trouble?

I swear, sometimes I think you guys simply don’t think.

Annoyed and saddened,
Your Frustrated Friend in Room 302


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