Dear Terrence,

1-IMG_5385I don’t get it.  When you first came into my classroom a few weeks ago, I had such a strong first impression of you. You seemed a strong reader, an avid writer, a student who would be a true blessing to the English classroom. In fact, I thought you might be, coming as you were into an “on-level” classroom, mis-scheduled. Surely someone with this kind of passion for reading and writing should be in a more challenging classroom, with a faster, leaner curriculum.

So what I’m seeing in the classroom now confuses me. You’re doodling. You’re writing notes. You’re reading outside books. You’re chatting off topic when I arrange the class for group work. You’re doing everything but the work.

What gives?

I’ve told you several times that I can’t place you next year in higher classes simply on the intuition that you’d do well. I can’t simply say, “Well, Terrence didn’t pass my class and had to be placed in the next grade, but believe you me, he can do advanced level work.” I need proof: grades, stellar projects, testing scores that show improvement. In truth, anything.

You’ve said you’re bored in my class. I don’t doubt it. It’s too elementary for you. I believe your skills surpass many other students’ skills in the class. But until you show me more, it’s only an intuition.

Frustrated but still with hope,
Your Teacher in Room 302


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