Turn It In

Dear Terrence,

I have a small pile of papers from your period. I haven’t looked through them at all because I hope, quite possibly beyond all reasonable hope, that your paper is buried in there somewhere. From the size of the stack, it’s clear that not everyone bothered to do the assignment, despite the fact that I warned everyone that, being a major grade, it would significantly impact everyone’s grade. I never really know who is going to take an assignment seriously and who is going to blow it off — that one of the main reasons why you guys are in this “average” class and not in the “advanced” class. 

And so I sit down with a cup of coffee, a pen for making notes in the margins, and a bit of hope that I’ll find your paper somewhere within the stack.

With hope, as always,
Your Teacher in Room 302


2 thoughts on “Turn It In

  1. Today in Latin our teacher noticed that the girl who sits next to me was trying to finish her homework before he got around to checking it, and I think it’s because she rarely has her homework that he delayed checking the homework until class was almost over. This post came to mind, and it was nice to think that teachers care. (:

    1. I sometimes do similar things. It’s frustrating, though, when we’re going over homework as I’m checking it in my low level class and the three or four (literally) people who did it are sharing their answers and no one even bothers to try to scribble the answers down as they hear them before I reach them. They’re that unmotivated…

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