Dear Terrence,

I thought I knew, I really did. I knew you have anger management problems. I knew you like to fight, that indeed you draw a great deal of your self-esteem from what you can do with your fists. I knew that you have an explosive temper when pushed. I never knew you are capable of such cruelty, though.

That you would punch someone is not terribly unexpected: you’ve done it many time before, I’m sure. What’s surprising is how you fought so underhandedly today. To hit someone from behind, to plow your fist into the back of someone’s skull as he walks away, trying to defuse the situation, is the height of cowardice. You could have seriously injured that boy, and even you didn’t injure him, if I were that young man’s father, I would be looking into pressing charges against you.

Just the other day you were talking to me about how you felt persecuted by the administration, about how you felt you could never do anything right in their eyes.

After today, if you wonder why, I wonder why.

Angrily and more disappointed than I can remember,
Your teacher


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