Spring Break

Dear Terrence,

It’s spring break, which gets me wondering: what are you doing? You have a week of freedom: what will you do with that freedom?

Part of me thinks, with all the times you’ve been suspended, that a break is really nothing all that special to you. After all, you just got back from a three-day suspension for fighting. There is one advantage, though, to this vacation: you’re not missing out on work. There will be nothing to make up. In fact, I think it might be a good idea for you to spend some of this time making up the vast amounts of work you’ve not completed, but I doubt you will. You’ve taught me that you won’t: you’ve shaped my expectations from the beginning toward the negative, and try as I may, I can’t overcome the example you consistently set.

But you do like to surprise occasionally. Perhaps you’ll surprise me when we go back to school next Monday. Perhaps I can somehow surprise you. We’ll see.

Enjoy your break. I know I’m enjoying mine.

Your Teacher


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