First Day Back

Dear Terrence,

I’m always a little bit nervous about the first day back to school after a long-ish break, and today was no exception. I’ve had some absolutely splendid days after Christmas break and some absolute nightmares. Every year, as I go to bed the Sunday (most often) before we head back to school, I find myself wondering what kind of day tomorrow will be.

Today was amazing, in all classes.

You’re in a class with many students who have behavior problems, you among them, and it was your class I was most nervous about, but your class did amazingly well. Sure, there was a little side talk, but by and large, most students were on task most of the time. People were talking to each other about their work, helping each other, sharing fascinating facts they’d learned in their research process.

But you weren’t there. And while it pains me to say it, I think your absence was a major factor in the day being so fabulously productive.

If I were you, that would disturb me greatly.

Your Ever-hopeful Teacher


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