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Dear Teresa,

I received your email tonight, and I was smiling before I even began reading: just seeing it was from you made me grin. Some teachers wait a lifetime for kind letters like that, so first I must simply thank you for your words, for taking the time to share your thoughts.

I’m glad you’re staying “out of the drama.” I never understand why some feel so drawn to it. Perhaps it gives them something they’re missing in their lives. I guess if someone’s involved in drama, she’s the center of someone else’s world for some time, and even if that’s a negative center, more like a black hole than a shining star, some will settle for it I suppose. I’m glad you’re not settling for it anymore because you have so much light in you. (See what I did there with that metaphor? I didn’t even plan it out!)

Warmest Regards,
Your Former Teacher


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