Dear Susan,

I know you might have been a bit concerned about the weather today. After all, it was supposed to a potentially-tornado-producing cell, and because we don’t get a lot of tornadoes around here, you probably wanted to play it safe. But what you didn’t see were all the children in the hall way, surreptitiously texting and calling their parents, suggesting probably something like this: “Everyone else is getting early dismissal.”

So what was the upshot of all that? Almost half the students got a weather-related early dismissal for some rain.

Don’t worry, though: I didn’t let it phase me at all. I went along with my lessons as I’d originally planned. I worried that I might want to change things a bit. After all, this means your daughter will have one fewer day to work on the project in class, but I didn’t think it was really fair to the other students to change plans in mid-stride because¬†of the decisions of their peers’ parents. I hope you can understand.

Smiling but just a bit frustrated,
Your Daughter’s Teacher


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