I am a teacher. I seem drawn to the kids who struggle in school due to behavior problems and lack of motivation. I feel especially close to students who underachieve because they think this is their lot in life; they’ve let others convince them they’re “stupid.” I have a special love for those quiet kids who never can manage to make friends because they’re too shy or lack the requisite social skills.

This is a letter to them all, describing events based on “real life” in a small eighth-grade English classroom and expressing thoughts that I inconsistently ¬†verbalize to the students in question and occasionally to their parents. (And some of the thoughts remain entirely, and appropriately, unsaid.) Some of them are boys; some are girls. Some can’t stop talking in class; others won’t talk in class. Some are one race; others have a different skin hue. Some are incredibly disrespectful on purpose; others are somewhat disrespectful without realizing it. Some are bullied; others bully.

But at this site, regardless of gender, race, religion, or anything else, they’re all Terrence.


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